Understanding Living Trusts®

Hailed as America’s best book on living trusts, “Understanding Living Trusts®” has been a favorite of consumers and professionals for more than 25 years, with sales now approaching 400,000 copies! It is a must-read for individuals and families with all size estates, and makes an ideal gift for friends and grown children.

In these 304 easy-to-read pages, award-winning writer Vickie Schumacher explains in clear, conversational English how you can lose control when you have a will; when you have no plan; when you use joint ownership; when you give away assets; and when you rely on beneficiary designations. She then explains how a living trust can give you maximum control, both at incapacity and after you die; the many benefits beyond avoiding probate; and why a living trust meets the needs of today’s families far better than any other estate plan.

This book is also your personal action plan for having a living trust. You will learn what a living trust is, how it works, and the steps you’ll need to take to set up one; what to consider when deciding how you want your loved ones to inherit from you; how to find the right attorney to prepare your living trust; how to organize information your family will need; and step-by-step instructions for your family if you become incapacitated and after you die.

“Understanding Living Trusts®” is filled with charts, examples, and checklists, including a Personal and Financial Organizer that will help you prepare to meet with your attorney. All of this education and preparation will save you considerable time and money.

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