What People Have Been Saying About America’s Best Book on Living Trusts…

No investment I’m aware of can remotely approach the return potential your publication provided.

J. Gaier, California


I couldn’t have done it without your book. Thanks so much for providing a necessary and useful tool.

A. B. Platt, Vermont


I looked at as many books as I could find on trusts and estate planning and, in my opinion, the Schumacher book is by far the best organized, complete, and easy to understand of all the books on living trusts I’ve looked at.

H. Scheinaus, New Jersey


After checking our several books on trusts from the library, I was so pleased with the Schumacher book that I purchased a copy for my daughter who is the successor trustee of our trusts.

V. White, Missouri


This book presents a thorough, non-technical explanation of why and how to create trusts. Understanding Living Trusts® is essential reading.

P. Coty, New York


Easy to read for someone who doesn’t like to read. I finished it in two days. That’s rare for me.

R. Ferrell, California


You saved us money and time, and we could read the book in the privacy of our own home.

M. Applegate, Oregon


I believe your text, Understanding Living Trusts,® is the most down to earth text there is. It is simple, all inclusive, written in logical sequence, and the best information an uninformed client can have when interviewing a trust lawyer.

W. Higgins, Georgia


I am not a reader, usually, but the way in which you wrote your book spurred me on. I sure am glad somebody wrote something we can all understand.

L. Feager, Colorado


It is by far the best publication available and I tell everyone to read this one first—it may be the only one you read. Even my lawyer was impressed.

J. Cerquoz, Wyoming

W. Cary, Texas

Clearest and most complete discussion I’ve ever read on the subject.

W. Cary, Texas

C. Bruce, Florida

Excellent presentation—you are to be highly commended for an excellent piece of work which is much needed. Everybody should read it.

C. Bruce, Florida

M. Hill, California

Amazingly clear and well organized—a beautiful job well done.

M. Hill, California

M. Applegate, Oregon

I would recommend that before setting up a trust everybody should read your book

M. Applegate, Oregon

W. Young, Pennsylvania

If you could only buy one book on living trusts, this is it!

W. Young, Pennsylvania

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